Candle Blocks

We've been working like crazy in the Nanna's Creations studio, and more of Papa's wooden magic has been created!

We now have our cedar candle blocks listed on the site!  We are so pumped! 

These beautiful  candle blocks are handcrafted from solid cedar; either left natural or stained in a rich walnut finish.  Six coats of  high gloss polyurethane is applied for further protection.  All candles have a cork base to prevent damage to your furniture. They come in sets of three, a single slanted, or a single rectangle.  They would make a gorgeous gift for any home or occasion!

    In the spirit of candles warming us this cold winter, we salute Tessie who loved to hang out in the snow!


Wooden Blocks are here!

    It is a new day at Nanna's Creations, and we are excited to announce that our popular wooden blocks are now on the site!  Papa has been hard at work, and our popular wooden blocks are ready to order!  They are customizable for any word, in any colour.

   These blocks range in size from 3 inches to 5 ½ inches, and when an order is requested we generally work with the name or word so that it is staggered, giving it a different look.  The blocks are primed and then painted, in any colour you wish, and they are then sealed with varnish.  The letters are cut from vinyl and adhered to the front. The colours available for the vinyl font are currently:

   Black   Brown   White   Red   Royal Blue   Bright Pink   Pale Blue   Copper   Gold

   These make a very popular gift for baby names, childrens sports, events, or any occasion!  Order
a special message for Mom for Mother's Day, or as a sweet Easter treat!

     In the meantime our mascots have been keeping us busy by frolicking the snow!  It's a tough life, but someone has to have fun!


Hello. It's been a few days since I have been on my blog. I guess that this is something I should be doing a little more often. I went into a store yesterday to be greeted by all kinds of Easter products. I didn't realize that it was just around the corner. The time is going so fast. I am thinking of doing some Easter cupcake wrappers and toppers, and as soon as I get them done then I will post them.

Oh, by the way, the wood products that Papa makes will be online very soon.

Have a wonderful day.


Welcome to Nanna's Creations!!!

Good Afternoon!

    Today marks the beginning of a new adventure for us at Nanna's Creations!  We are live on the net!  I never thought I'd see the day when cyber space would catch me, but I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about this!  Here you will find updates from Nanna's Creations, what we are working on, and updates on our very own mascots!

    We are a small family business consisting of two - Nanna and Papa - along with a few other little elves who help out here and there.  I love paper crafts, and thrill in the joy of creating works of art with my hands.  I began by making banners, party favours, and invitations for my grandchildren, and from there it simply ran away.  Papa makes wood crafts for the business (coming soon!), and during market season we are traveling all week selling our goods, and meeting other talented artists.  Nothing pleases us more than knowing our goods bring happiness and excitement to others!  Here is a small sampling of our work, more of which you can find on www.gabryroad.com/nannas-creations.html !

     Many more goodies are in the works here, so be sure to come back again with a cuppa!  Sophie will be waiting to join you!